Never Alone

Have you ever been in the midst of trials and it seems that people desire only to judge and criticize you? You know you have leaned on God and are trusting Him. As you are doing your best to stay afoot despite the floods and rough terrain of life, you are reminded that God is right there alongside you. As I read two separate devotions today, I knew it was not merely coincidence that each of these men of God spoke almost identical words from separate perspectives. It was a gift to be reminded we are not alone. Chuck Swindoll cited, “Sometimes when you exhibit real, unvarnished integrity, you get dumped into the lions’ den. Remember, God’s there, too!”, as Charles Stanley noted, “And for those of us enduring difficult, painful, or trying situations, we long to see the burden lifted.” NKJ Psa 46:1-3, “God is our refuge and strength…”

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