I Don’t Want This Gift

When you are ill or facing surgery, do you appreciate the times you had your health and felt vibrant? When you are dealing with grief or heartache do you reflect on the momentous times of your life? When you lose a loved one, do you contemplate the cherished memories of their lives and yours? Each day is a gift. What do we do with gifts received? Do we use them, store them or discard them? Do we share our gifts with others or grasp them tightly only for ourselves? Sometimes sharing, whether good or bad, can add unexpected blessings to our lives. In order to face the challenges of life, why not always give God thanks for the good times you have. Even in the unfavorable times, we know there will be positive days ahead. Yes, those days may not be as they once were, but if we open our hearts and minds, there will be new joys ahead. Romans 12:12 NIV, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

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