Thanks Through The Tears

I began this gratitude blog as a way to remind myself and others of our blessings even when our hearts seem to be broken beyond repair. For 51 years I loved my husband as greatly as any woman could love her mate, but the love was not returned. Marital betrayal may be one of the greatest emotional sorrows to endure. As I continue to learn more about my ex’s affair and his love and care for the “other woman” I wonder how and why he could give to her all that he should have given me; his wife of all those years. As I go into another holiday season alone, I continue to diligently seek God’s plan and direction for my life, but above all attempt to thank Him daily that in spite of my sorrow, He brings us joy and blessings. Psa.9:1 “I will give thanks to you Oh Lord”…yes even through our tears, we can give thanks.

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