Our Gifts of Time

Have you given a gift of your time? No matter where we reside or what our status in life, whether poor, rich or middle class, we are all given the same amount of time. What we do with our time can be a gift to ourselves and others or it can be an adversity. As a child and adolescent, my parents had no time for me or my siblings. I vowed then if God blessed me with a family, I would have time for them. Life can alter our plans but, making time for others must be a priority. Giving the gift of our time doesn’t mandate hours a day but can be minutes if the time is quality. Do you listen to others when they have a need to share? While sitting in traffic do you allow another driver to exit in front of you or do you make certain you charge ahead and leave them waiting? Do you allow a fellow customer at the store to be ahead of you in line if they have only 1-2 items while you have a cart full? Do you step aside to let others enter ahead of you in line? The list of blessings can be lengthy, if only we give a gift of even a small amount of our time. Some day you may need that gift from another, so why not give it today while God has given you the opportunity to do so? Luke 6:31 “do unto others…”

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