Loving Equally

Over four decades ago I became a mother for the first time; a beautiful daughter.  There is nothing which compares to the joy of being able to embrace and cuddle your brand-new baby. As you gaze upon your offspring, after checking all their tiny fingers and toes, you desire to see if they have your traits or their father’s. Less than two years later I became a mom for the second time when I gave birth to a son. My joy was beyond description for our family was now complete.

I prayed not only for wisdom in being a Godly mother, but also for my children; that they would grow in the Lord and love Him and in turn love me as their mother.  The physical and emotional love, support and sacrifice given to these gifts from God doesn’t always assure reciprocation.

Even when treating my children equally with all the devotion any mother could grant; one is caring, the other is not.  For over 25 years, one of my children has seldom been in my life. That child doesn’t wish me well on special days, including Mother’s Day. The other child is caring, kind and loving.

I have thought about us as God’s children. Like my own children, some of God’s children love and care about having Him in their lives.  For others, they are His children in name only. No matter how much love God gives, they walk away from Him. I have shed hours of tears over my estranged child and I’m sure God has grieved over His estranged children.

I will continue to love each of my children with my entire being, even when I realize one will reciprocate the love; the other will not. Leviticus 19:3 NKJ “Every one of you shall revere his mother…and keep my sabbaths…”

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