The 35 Year Old Prayer

As I had my quiet time before a very hurried and busy day, I was tearful as I read the words. The devotion spoke of finding a note in a mother’s bible where she had prayed for over 35 years for her son to return to the Lord. This son whom the mother had prayed for and I feel certain, wept for, was now ministering to another about their own wayward child. For over 50 years I have prayed for the man I called my husband; the man I gave my life to but chose to leave me, to begin an affair.

He hid the affair from me for over six years and when I learned of it, his rationale was that he had not loved me for most of our 44-year marriage. Yet, I continue to pray for him; not for the reconciliation of our lost relationship (as devastating and painful as that has been), but for the man I loved to return to God. For when one walks with the Lord, their yearnings are not focused on themselves or their pleasures, but to do what God desires of them.

I will pray for my ex-husband and others in my family that have turned their backs on God.  As we know, God always answers our prayers. His answers are always “yes, no or wait”. I had to accept that my prayer for my marriage was a no, but it has not weakened my faith. God’s answers are not always our desires, but we can stand strong in our faith that he does hear us, and in His time, He will answer. Psalm 27:14 NKJ, Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart…”

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